Spring Bible courses at AMBS

Spring 2014

Beginning Hebrew: Ruth BIB501, BIB501E (online)

Annual — Three hours — Safwat Marzouk
This is the basic course in the Old Testament exegesis sequence. It prepares students for exegesis by providing (1) a working knowledge of Hebrew grammar, (2) the ability to read Hebrew narrative, (3) an introduction to the process of exegesis, and (4) familiarity with computer programs that aid in the reading and exegesis of biblical texts. This course is a prerequisite for Old Testament exegesis courses.

Bible Reading Colloquium - Greek BIB510

Each semester — One-half hour per semester — Bible faculty
Bible department faculty lead weekly informal sessions to read biblical texts in their original languages, alternating by semester between Hebrew and Greek. Students may enroll for one-half hour of credit each semester, but enrollment is not required to participate in the colloquium. Prerequisite: one semester of Hebrew or Greek.

The Corinthian Correspondence BIB523

Biennial — Three hours — TBA
This course is a survey of the Corinthian epistles and a study of their contents with a view to understanding the nature and challenges of early Gentile Christianity. We will attend to a variety of issues addressed by these letters to determine how they illuminate church life today: unity, discipline, sexuality, freedom, spiritual gifts, worship, and stewardship.

Job and Wisdom BIB532

Biennial — Three hours — Safwat Marzouk
Wisdom literature addresses difficult and probing questions of the meaning of life, freedom and responsibility, divine-human interaction, suffering and the problem of evil, the function of praise and lament, and the proper ethics that flow from a proper theology. In this class, we will discuss the perspectives presented by the wisdom traditions, especially as manifested in the books of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes.

Greek Readings: Synoptic Gospels BIB602


Annual — Three hours — Paul Keim
This is the basic course in the New Testament exegesis sequence that offers (1) reading skill in Koine Greek, (2) an introduction to the major literary and theological issues in interpreting the Synoptic Gospels, (3) practice with a “hands-on” method of studying biblical texts, and (4) familiarity with computer programs that facilitate reading and exegeting the Greek text. The students in this course also will begin a Bible study journal for use in other seminary courses and future ministry. Prerequisite: Beginning Greek.

The Authority of Scripture BIB645


Biennial — Three hours — Ben Ollenburger
From its inception, the church has regarded Scripture—first the Old Testament and then the Christian canon—as indispensable to its faith and life. However, the church’s understanding of Scripture’s authority has varied. This course will examine views from the early and medieval church, the Reformation, and the modern and contemporary periods, paying particular attention to Mennonite statements from 1632 to 1995. We will consider the challenges posed and resources offered by such movements as historical criticism and feminism. Readings will be drawn from confessional statements, systematic theologies, and other monographs and essays. Students will articulate and refine their own disciplined views of Scripture’s authority. Prerequisite: one course in theology (HTE department).