Fall courses for AMBS-Great Plains students

Fall 2013

Gospel of John GP:BIB522

Occasional — Three hours — Jerry Truex
This course will provide a close, section-by-section analysis of the Fourth Gospel. We will focus on the narrative and literary qualities, the historical and cultural contexts, and the theological and pastoral significance of the Fourth Gospel. We will explore certain Johannine themes, including Jesus’ relationship to God, the world, faith and unbelief, “the Jews” and anti-Judaism, discipleship, the Spirit, and crucifixion and resurrection.

Ethics in the Congregation GP:HTE658

Occasional — Three hours — Keith Harder
Every pastor is an ethicist and is guided by some ethical framework. Every pastor confronts moral dilemmas. All good pastors struggle to help their congregations grow in moral commitment. All pastors face temptations. Guided by a concern for virtue and character, this course seeks to understand the moral significance of pastoral ministry and to equip pastors to be better ethicists. It examines how the pastor’s moral character is formed, how pastoral leadership can extend the formation of character in parishioners, and how pastors can best navigate ethical problems and moral temptations.

Growth in Ministry INT601

Annual — One hour each semester — TBA
The primary focus of this yearlong seminar is the completion of the formation portfolio, a ministry paper, and the senior interview process required for graduation. This seminar provides the structure for students to focus intentionally on the growth and integration of the knowing, doing, and being aspects of their learning, with particular reference to their ministry vocation.
(This course is offered in Elkhart; AMBS–Great Plains students connect electronically)

Supervised Ministry Experience GP:INT689

Annual — Three hours — TBA
This program provides opportunity for a supervised internship in a congregational or other ministry setting. In the ministry context, the student will explore and develop the range of his or her ministering skills and gifts. The period of time will normally be an intensive three-month Summer or an extended seven or eight months, with the option of an entire calendar year. Students will spend approximately 400 hours in this internship for every three credit hours. Ministry in Church and World is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.