Master of Arts in Christian Formation

The MACF is a professional degree,  educating and equipping students to lead formation ministries of the church. AMBS provides a context, a process, and tools for students to study and engage the ministries of personal and congregational formation. The program does not prepare them to serve as lead or solo pastors.


  • Christian Spirituality
  • Public Ministries (worship and teaching)

Educational goals

Graduates with an MACF will:

  • Articulate or otherwise demonstrate knowledge of the biblical, historical, and theological disciplines that undergird their ministry of leadership.
  • Reflect critically, contextually, and constructively on the theological content and practices of their specialized ministries.
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information and resources effectively.
  • Exercise competent leadership through designing, implementing, and assessing ministry experiences in their specialized ministries.
  • Demonstrate skills for equipping, training, and empowering leaders for specialized ministries.
  • Assess their own growth toward spiritual and personal maturity.
  • Clarify and develop a ministerial identity.


The MACF is a 60-credit-hour degree involving study, participation in formation seminars and a supervised practicum.

Ministries of recent graduates

Congregational pastoral care, overseas mission work, spiritual direction, pastoral ministry as an associate pastor, manager of a hospital pastoral care department, congregational teaching and training, resource to congregations in faith formation.

More information

Please see the AMBS Catalog, pages 26-29, for details about the Master of Arts in Christian Formation.