Spring courses for AMBS-Great Plains students

Spring 2014

Christian Attitudes Toward War, Peace, and Revolution GP:HTE644


Biennial — Three hours — J Heinzekehr
A historical survey of the variety of ways of perceiving God’s will concerning war from the biblical times to the present. Special attention is given to common logical attitudes recurring in diverse cultural settings, to pacifist groups, and to the originality and implications of Jesus’ ministry.

Congregational Song: Practices Past and Present GP:CHM562


Occasional — Three hours — Cynthia Neufeld Smith
Congregational singing is a significant part of our corporate worship. This course will address the role of congregational song and equip students to select and facilitate congregational music that is vibrant and authentic. A combination of historical, musical, literary, theological, analytical and practical tools will be applied. Included will be a survey of congregational song throughout the history of the Christian church, focusing on repertoire in Hymnal: A Worship Book (1992), Sing the Journey (2005) and Sing the Story (2007). Music reading ability is helpful but not required.

Understanding the Church’s Contexts GP:CHM569

Triennial — Three hours — Lois Barrett
This course will examine the contexts of the congregation or other church institution—its immediate environs as well as the larger political, cultural, global milieu—for the purpose of the church engaging those contexts with the gospel. The missional congregation is called to go beyond “congregational studies” and “worship wars,” to discerning how to be nonconformed to the surrounding culture(s) and also be engaged with the culture(s), with the resulting risks. How can the church discern in what ways the congregation should be conformed to the culture, in what ways it should be nonconformed, and to what extent becoming a Christian involves learning a new culture?

Managing Differences in Faith Communities

One hour - Kirsten Zerger
This course examines how to transform conflict into spiritual and community renewal through a more biblical understanding of the role of conflict in the church and the essential elements of healthy decision-making processes. Emphasis will be on training through analysis and development of a case study.

Growth in Ministry INT601

Annual — One-half hour — TBA
The primary focus of this yearlong seminar is the completion of the formation portfolio, a ministry paper, and the senior interview process required for graduation. This seminar provides the structure for students to focus intentionally on the growth and integration of the knowing, doing, and being aspects of their learning, with particular reference to their ministry vocation.
(This course is offered in Elkhart; AMBS–Great Plains students connect electronically)

Supervised Ministry Experience GP:INT689

Annual — Three hours — Lois Barrett
This program provides opportunity for a supervised internship in a congregational or other ministry setting. In the ministry context, the student will explore and develop the range of his or her ministering skills and gifts. The period of time will normally be an intensive three-month Summer or an extended seven or eight months, with the option of an entire calendar year. Students will spend approximately 400 hours in this internship for every three credit hours. Ministry in Church and World is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.