Summer courses at AMBS-Kansas Center Plains

Summer 2014

Biblical Spirituality GP:BIB509

Biennial — Two or three hours — Jerry Truex
In this class, we will work to understand theoretically and practice personally the formational aspects of biblical study. How can the Bible become a life-long and life-giving spiritual resource for individuals and congregations? Confessional or contemplative reading of the Bible is reading the Bible as if our life depends on it, as of course it does. In this way of reading, the biblical text itself vibrates with new meaning for new situations and circumstances.

Register to audit Biblical Spirituality for special fee of $100.

Conflict, Communication, and Conciliation GP:CHM633

Annual — Two hours — Kirsten Zerger
Conflict is an inevitable part of interpersonal relationships, including relationships within the church. This course prepares students to navigate interpersonal conflict more fruitfully through a focus on conflict analysis, personal style in conflict, communication skills, conciliation and conflict transformation, and developing spiritual foundations for working with conflict. Emphasis will be placed on training through simulations and role plays. The course is approved by the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration for core mediation training.

Supervised Ministry Experience GP:INT689 and GP:INT689-6

Annual — Three hours — Keith Harder
This program provides opportunity for a supervised internship in a congregational or other ministry setting. In the ministry context, the student will explore and develop the range of his or her ministering skills and gifts. The period of time will normally be an intensive three-month Summer or an extended seven or eight months, with the option of an entire calendar year. Ministry in Church and World is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.

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