Anabaptist Short Courses

Online - Non-credit

Followers of Jesus today discover each other and the early Anabaptists as kindred spirits through their study of theology and history. Participants explore the resources of the Anabaptist witness across five centuries as a source of inspiration and guidance in our witness today.

New Anabaptists and people seeking to deepen their ministry in the way of Jesus can join the diverse community of learners in these brief and potent courses on Anabaptist history, thought and witness.

How Short Courses Work

Courses are offered online and last six weeks each. Readings and discussion are comparable to seminary-level work, assuming critical thinking skills and some previous academic study. No credit will be awarded, but Continuing Education Units are available to those who complete course requirements.

These online courses involve readings from textbooks and online articles and written discussion. They do not involve live video conversations (as in a webinar) or other activities in which all class members come together at one time.

Spring 2014

Understanding and Managing Congregational Conflict

Taught by David B. Miller
March 26–May 13, 2014 (Spring break April 7-12)
Early registration deadline March 5, 2014

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This course seeks to equip participants for skillful, transformative leadership that can provide the insight and guidance essential to making situations of conflict opportunities for growth and learning rather than division and alienation.

David B. Miller, D. Min., is Associate Professor of Missional Leadership Development at AMBS.

Mennonite Polity

Taught by Janeen Bertsche Johnson and David Boshart
May 7–June 17, 2014
Early registration deadline April 16, 2014

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A study of the structure, organizations, governance, foundational documents, vision and goals, decision-making processes, leadership and identity markers of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.

Janeen Bertsche Johnson, M.Div., is Campus Pastor, AMBS, and David Boshart, Ph.D., is Executive Conference Minister, Central Plains Mennonite Conference.

Recent course offerings

La Historia y Teología Anabautista

Instructor: Jamie Pitts
12 de febrero–25 de marzo
Early registration deadline 5 de febrero, 2014

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En este curso estudiamos el nacimiento y desarrollo de los movimientos anabautistas en el siglo XVI, dando énfasis al contexto teológico, social y político. El curso da un resumen de la historia y la teología de los primeros anabautistas y además investiga varias respuestas al gran reto actual de cómo entender y vivir como “anabautista” hoy en día. Los estudiantes serán desafiados a buscar conexiones entre el siglo XVI y sus propias vidas y ministerios. Obtenga más información e incríbase aquí.

Jamie Pitts, Ph.D., Profesor Asistente de Estudios Anabautistas de AMBS

Before you register

Online learning is not for everyone. To help evaluate your skills and abilities to benefit from an online course, please follow this link to a quiz provided by Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. Question 10 asks about available time to devote to the course. Short courses require, on average, three to five hours per week rather than the nine hours mentioned in the quiz. With this in mind, we encourage you to take the quiz and find out whether you are a good candidate for online learning.


Enrollment for each course is limited to 20 paid registrations. When we reach 20 paid registrations we will begin a wait list.  Register online for an Anabaptist Short Course.

Continuing education units

Completion of course requirements can earn the participant 2.4 CEU.


  • $200 per course before the early registration deadline;
  • $250 per course after the early registration deadline.
  • Participants should also expect to pay for one or two textbooks.


Before the early registration deadline,  cancellations will be refunded, less $50. After this date, cancellations will be granted credit, less $50, toward a future short course within one year.

Online course procedures and requirements

You will need:

  • An email account
  • A web browser
  • A word processing program
  • Basic computer skills
  • A PDF file reader, such as Adobe Reader
  • One or two textbooks selected by the professor, available from the bookstore at AMBS or from a web source

For more information

Contact Lois Hess Nafziger

Read about experiences of students in the short course on Anabaptist Approaches to Scripture.