Pastors Week

Pastors Week is an annual event devoted to providing resources in ministry, biblical studies and/or theology for pastors and other church leaders. It's a week rich with worship, inspiring presentations, networking and renewal for those who devote their time to serving their congregations.

Help Me See Jesus!
Help Me See, Jesus!

January 27–30, 2014

Pastors Week

Increasingly the church in North America reflects the fractured, divisive nature of out culture. Instead of healthy conversation among sisters and brothers, we often hear labeling, finger pointing and name calling. Instead of communities of discernment, the church is often divided into camps that reflect particular ideologies.

Pastors Week presenters believe that helping the congregation to focus on Jesus is one essential leadership task in these times. And they contend that diverse points of view make the picture of Jesus clearer. They encourage us to ask, “What in the ‘Other’ might help us to recognize Jesus in places we haven’t looked?” Five AMBS professors will show how different lenses can, by the power of the Holy Spirit, help us to see Jesus.

Featured presenters

Rachel Miller Jacobs, D.Min.Rachel Miller Jacobs, DMin, Assistant Professor of Congregational Formation, AMBS

Believes the Bible is best read in community—community that includes different languages, cultures, ethnicities and economic groups.

Jamie Pitts, PhDJamie Pitts, PhD, Assistant Professor of Anabaptist Studies

Challenges us to be oriented by Scripture and sustained by global currents of Anabaptism, growing our capacity to remember, listen, see and judge.

Andy Brubacher Kaethler, PhDAndy Brubacher Kaethler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Christian Formation and Culture

Asks us to be readers of both the Bible and culture so we see how culture shapes us and where we miss the Bible’s key messages.

Allan Rudy-Froese, Ph.D.Allan Rudy-Froese, PhD, Assistant Professor of Christian Proclamation

Encourages preachers to ask the question, “What does this sermon do?” and to embody God’s gift of words for the sake of the Reign of God.

Safwat MarzoukSafwat Marzouk, PhD, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, AMBS

Invites faith communities to think critically about the notion of otherness as they read Scriptures, using a hermeneutical lens to discern the complex relation between self and other.




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Worship leaders

Janeen Bertsche Johnson, Campus Pastor, AMBS
Cyneatha Millsaps, Pastor, Community Mennonite Church, Markham, Ill.

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