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Missy Kauffman Schrock, director of developmentA message from the director of development

Giving is a two-way street. When you invest in ministry training for students at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, you support spiritually mature, well-educated leaders. When you give to AMBS, you receive the benefit of myriad resources in biblical studies, Anabaptist theology and Christian formation—from faculty publications and presentations, workshops and webinars, and the library. When you support AMBS financially, you receive the deep gratitude of students, faculty and staff.

People ask me if I like my job, and I always say, “Of course!” What could be better than learning to know the people who believe in the mission, students and faculty of AMBS? What could be as fulfilling as connecting these friends with tangible ways to express their values financially? Thank you for walking this two-way street with all of us in the development office. We are here to serve you. — Missy Kauffman Schrock

Gift from your IRA

You can receive a tax benefit for the 2012 tax year if you make a charitable donation from your IRA before the end of January 2013.

If you have an IRA and if you are 70 1/2 or older ... or if you have a parent or friend who meets these criteria, read more about how to make a gift from an IRA to AMBS and receive a 2012 tax credit.

Give to student aid

Responding to God's call to seminary involves both a leap of faith and a financial investment. With the help of contributions from individuals, conferences and denominational groups, AMBS tries to remove financial barriers for the students who are testing and responding to God’s call. Find out how you can give to financial aid and support our students as they pursue their path to ministry.


From our donors

Bernie and Marie Wiebe"We have always valued AMBS highly. Marie’s father attended in the 50s, and the experience stayed with him in a very positive way for the rest of his life. We’re grateful for the training in Anabaptist theology and church leader-ship which AMBS instills. We believe the life and activity of AMBS is critical for the nurture of the Mennonite Church, and for the assured future of Anabaptism in North America. To be able to support AMBS, now and once we’re gone, is a privilege." — Bernie & Marie Wiebe, Bluffton, Ind