The Church Leadership Center offers both online and face-to-face multi-day seminars to strengthen ministry skills and wise practice of leadership. AMBS professors and other partners join together to create high-quality learning experiences designed to provide ongoing development for those currently in ministry and leadership roles.

Research for Ministry

Research for Ministry: Online Seminar

Research for Ministry is a six-month, non-credit seminar featuring e-books and online journal articles available from the AMBS library. Participants will choose areas for research to strengthen their preaching, teaching or ministry. They can focus on a single topic, pursue multiple topics or read and review four books.

Allan Rudy-Froese, Assistant Professor of Christian Proclamation

Preaching Seminar

The 2017 Preaching Seminar, "Living in the Belly of the Whale: What Jonah Teaches Us About the Art and Theology of Preaching" will engage the book of Jonah as preacher’s tale, surveying the theological and practical wisdom it offers for preachers of our time. Join Allan Rudy Froese, AMBS associate professor of Christian proclamation, and explore what the text has to teach the preacher about speech, prayer, storytelling, homiletical humility, bad endings, and God’s sense of humor.

Spiritual Guifance Seminars

Spiritual Guidance Seminar

Two levels of training in spiritual guidance are available. Spiritual Guidance Seminar, the first level, is a supervised program for pastors and others who want to become spiritual guides. Advanced Spiritual Guidance Seminar is the second level. Each meets several times over a ten-month period, giving participants opportunities to practice and reflect on their learnings.

Values-Based Leadership Program

Values-Based Leadership Program

Values-Based Leadership Program is a leadership training opportunity sponsored by seven Anabaptist organizations, including AMBS. Leaders from the church, non-profit, and business sectors are invited to come together to consider how Anabaptist faith shapes excellent leadership.