Worship planning, pastoral care and ministry skills are among the topics of regular day-long workshops offered by the AMBS Church Leadership Center. Workshop participants come from diverse denominational backgrounds and range from pastors, lay leaders and chaplains to students, retirees and anyone with a love for the work of the church.

Intercultural Reading of the Bible in the Congregation

An interactive workshop to explore Luke 18 from global Christian perspectives

Saturday, March 4
9 a.m. – noon • Waltner Hall, Room 214

Led by Dr. Hans de Wit, in conversation with Mary Schertz, Ph.D., professor of New Testament; and Daniel Schipani, Ph.D., Dr.Psy., professor of pastoral care and counseling. 

Dr. Hans de WitParticipants in this three-hour workshop will work with a biblical text — the parable of the widow and the unjust judge (Luke 18) — to experience first-hand a rich exchange of interpretations between workshop attendees and diverse Bible study groups representing a variety of cultures around the world.

De Wit has led an international intercultural Bible reading project since 2000 and will share about his work with the project, which has brought together "ordinary" readers, Bible teachers, pastors and scholars from different countries in five continents to study a biblical text. (The book, Through the Eyes of Another: Intercultural Reading of the Bible, shares the stories of these remarkable encounters and their implications.) The workshop will also introduce the field of intercultural hermeneutics and explore new ways for congregations to create diverse groups for Bible study both inside and outside of the congregation

Dr. de Wit will also be the featured speaker for AMBS's annual Theological Lectureship, to be held March 2–3, prior to the workshop. His lectures will be free and open to the public. Learn more here. 

Professor de Wit brings a passion for understanding the boundary between exegesis and ordinary readings of the Bible. A scholar of the Old Testament, his life was profoundly shaped when he spent nearly 10 years at the Comunidad Teológica Evangélica in Chile. While there, he researched and wrote widely on what has been called the Latin American “biblical movement,” including popular readings of Scripture in base communities and beyond. His dissertation focused on learning about Bible reading from the poor.

Dr. de Wit has lectured and travelled as visiting professor in almost all Latin American countries and in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. He has also been a contributor to numerous specialized journals and publications, including Bible commentaries, essays and monographs on exegesis and hermeneutics, contextual and intercultural hermeneutics, methodology, and Bible reading with “ordinary” people.

“Quietly, almost imperceptibly, biblical study has been undergoing a Copernican revolution. Much of the impetus comes from the Southern hemisphere, but Eurocentric methods are also undergoing change. People are recovering the Bible’s capacity to act as a catalyst for self-criticism and transformation. They are learning to read scripture from multicultural perspectives, and have their own preconceptions challenged by the authenticity of the experience of others’ encounters with the text.”Walter Wink, former professor of biblical interpretation, Auburn  Theological Seminary, New York City


Intercultural Reading of the Bible in the Congregation
  • $25 general. $10 for students.

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