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Day at sea

June 20, 2013

Ellen Awe, scribe


“Unhindered” is the word Loren emphasized this morning as we gathered to further discuss the life and work of Paul. The book of Acts ends with, “He [Paul] lived there [in Rome] two whole years at his own expense and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and unhindered.”


Today was a day at sea. This massive vessel “Reflection” cruises on, unhindered, into the Dardanelles Straits to the Sea of Marmara, where we hope to port early tomorrow morning.


In several conversations today, there were discussions among members of the group about the uneasy feelings some of us had adjusting to a cruise ship. It isn’t necessarily an easy fit, and we wonder how to be appreciative of the opportunity to relax and enjoy while also maintaining the values of simplicity and service. We discussed ways to offer hospitality to the crew members on the ship who are around every corner, graciously anticipating every need. Our life of faith should be lived out, unhindered, in every setting . . . and we discussed ways to do that.


It is a wonderful group of people and there is wisdom, life experiences, and humor shared freely among the members.


Among the highlights of today: our morning group meeting, playing ping pong with Merrill Gingerich, doing the Zumba with Debbie and Bruce Baergen, “mixing it up” at the dinner tables, and listening to an a capella men’s group singing some favorites.


Onward to Istanbul!


Quote of the Day
Wesley Richard, pointing to a cream puff shaped like a swan:
“Are these in the Mennonite cookbook?


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Merrill, That was probably quite an experience, playing ping pong on a ship. A once in a life time experience?? Did you come out the winner? Glad you and Lola are having a good time. Stay safe. All is well here at home. Your sis
Audrey Miller 2:33PM 06/24/13

Welcome to this window on the 2013 Mediterranean Cruisetour. As Sara Wenger Shenk, AMBS president, and Loren Johns, AMBS professor of New Testament, and 43 other travelers explore the places where the Apostle Paul traveled, they will share photos and reports here. Come back to this space for what we hope will be daily snapshots in words and photos of what the group is experiencing.

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