AMBS Alumni News

Alumni NewsAMBS Alumni News keep alumni informed about each other and the seminary.

The newsletter is published three times a year and each issue focuses on a theme related to ministry. Several alumni share brief reflections on their experiences of ministering in situations of crisis, pastoring in tough economic times, pastoring and parenting and retiring from ministry. Full issues are available here for readers who want to know more about AMBS alumni and what they are doing.

Current issue: Winter 2014

Spiritual direction is "holy listening" to others, and several alumni reflect on this ministry and how they were drawn to becoming spiritual directors. Read more in the winter issue.


Recent back issues

AMBS Alumni News Fall 2013 Two alumni share stories of how they were encouraged toward ministry.

AMBS Alumni News Summer 2013 shares stories about the two alumni who are recognized this year for their ministry and service.

AMBS Alumni News Winter 2013 tells how several alumni were encouraged toward ministry by others.

AMBS Alumni News Fall 2012 helps us understand how students who are not from Mennonite backgrounds experience AMBS.

AMBS Alumni News Summer 2012: AMBS announces plans to become Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in August. Don Klassen is named the 2012 Alumni Ministry and Service Award recipient.

AMBS Alumni News Winter 2011-2012: Alumni share what being Anabaptist means today.

AMBS Alumni News Fall 2011: The first of two issues in which alumni share what being Anabaptist means for them today. The 2011 Shenk Mission Lectureship celebrates the completion of the Global Mennonite History Project.

AMBS Alumni News Summer 2011: David Habegger receives the annual alumni recognition; Marlene Kropf retires; we remember Ross Bender.