Aug 14-16 Thu-Sat

Spiritual Guidance Seminar
(on campus)
9:00 AM 

Sep 12-14 Fri-Sun

Journey Weekend Learning Event
Amigo Center (Sturgis, MI)
8:30 AM 

Oct 11 Sat

Advent-Epiphany planner
on campus
8:30 AM 

Oct 16 Thu

Webinar: Advent Planner
7:30 PM 

Oct 28-30 Tue-Thu

Values-Based Leadership Program - Session 1
Laurelville Mennonite Church Center (Mount Pleasant, PA)

Nov 4 Tue

Preaching Seminar: What is Your Sermon Doing?
Wadsworth (Room 129)
9:00 AM 

Nov 6 Thu

Business Leaders and Pastors
(In conjunction with MEDA in Winnipeg)

Nov 25 Tue