A (potentially transformative) Teachable Moment

Sara Wenger Shenk

September 12, 2013

Photo: Peter Ringenberg

Photo: Peter Ringenberg

“As an educator, I recognize this as a profoundly teachable moment in our church,” Sara Wenger Shenk writes in Practicing Reconciliation, referring to current conversations and comments about John Howard Yoder, particularly his sexual abuse and the way the church handled it.

In her reflections, Sara lists additional conversations we should be having throughout the church—and are having at places like AMBS. Among these are:

  • How do we have a richer conversation about power—abuse of power, yes, but also nurturing power, power for justice, power for good?
  • What would a positive theology of friendship between women and men entail?
  • How do we do theology with real, broken people as our guides?
  • How do we create an ethos in which persons of great intellectual power are in close relationships of spiritual (including behavioral) accountability?
  • What are the resources of the Scriptures that tell it like it is—the raw and redemptive truth?
  • How can the church better create space for worship and transformative change?