Students in the prayer labyrinth on the AMBS campus. (Credit: Peter Ringenberg)

Rooted in the Word, Growing in Christ

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary forthrightly embraces Jesus’ call to “follow me” by educating leaders for God’s reconciling mission in the world. Our work in graduate and lifelong Anabaptist theological education is rooted in the saving power of the life, death, resurrection and ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

As a Mennonite seminary and emboldened by the Holy Spirit, we collaborate with a widening circle of new and global Anabaptists and other kindred spirits from various denominations, cultures and social locations. As a biblical seminary, we provide ways of engaging the Scriptures from an innovative Anabaptist perspective. We are committed to teach and learn (trans)formational and intercultural readings of the Scriptures to better understand the character of God revealed in Christ and how we are called to be the Body of Christ in the world today.

AMBS’s home base in south-central Elkhart, Indiana, provides a dynamic environment for a diverse, globally connected community. Our small size provides a perfect context for building close, personal connections among students in residence on campus as well as those around the world. We nurture the whole Christian learner, providing excellent academics, practice-based learning and deep spiritual formation.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we grow as leaders prepared to respond to needs in the world today and tomorrow from a firm grounding in Anabaptist theology that is attuned to global perspectives and contexts — as leaders prepared to share the peace of Jesus Christ, witness to the reconciling power of the Spirit, restore our degraded environment, resolve conflicts, welcome displaced immigrants, nurture relationships of integrity and form communities of shalom

Photo: Students in the prayer labyrinth on the AMBS campus. (Credit: Peter Ringenberg)

Our mission

AMBS serves the church as a learning community with an Anabaptist vision, educating followers of Jesus Christ to be leaders for God's reconciling mission in the world.

Our vision

AMBS will become an Anabaptist learning community that makes theological education accessible to and welcoming of Christians of increasingly diverse traditions, ethnicities and races to reflect more fully God’s purposes of unity and justice.

Our values

  • Disciplined study of Scripture, theology and ministry
  • Practices of worship, community and Christian discipleship
  • Effective and visionary leadership for the church
  • Anabaptist theology in conversation with the wider church
  • Mission that integrates service, evangelism and peacemaking

Our prayer

Trustworthy God,
you have called AMBS into being, sustained us through the years, and prepared a future for us.

By your Spirit’s transforming power reshape us as a learning community welcoming Christians of all tribes, tongues, people and nations to engage in Anabaptist theological education, so that we may more fully reflect your purpose to reconcile all things in Christ.

Our affiliations

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary is a bi-national seminary of Mennonite Church USA and of Mennonite Church Canada.

AMBS is also one of the seminaries of the Mennonite Education Agency.