Anabaptist Identity

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary holds together deliberate practices which shape a Christ-centered faith. As a learning community, AMBS invites followers of Jesus Christ to join us in several key practices.

  • Worship God in community every day. Practicing worship, confession of faith and prayer is a signature of AMBS.
  • Immerse ourselves in biblical studies. Reveling in and proclaiming the Bible as the source to reveal God in Christ is a signature of AMBS.
  • Recover theology as the work of the people. Becoming articulate disciples who share theological education with others is a signature of AMBS.
  • Live as missional leaders committed to sharing the peace of Jesus Christ. Becoming ambassadors of peace who model love for enemies, forgiveness and mutual care is a signature of AMBS.
  • Witness to the reconciling power of the Spirit. Communicating with respect and confidence in cross-cultural, inter-racial and inter-religious contexts is a signature of AMBS.
  • Nurture relationships of integrity. Being honest and accountable with our longings, failures, joys and successes in spiritual friendships is a signature of AMBS.
  • Form communities of shalom. Embodying the saving reign of God, being the visible body of Christ, practicing Spirit-led engagement with the world is a signature of AMBS.

The integration of these practices marks us Anabaptist and guides our Christian formation. We also are Mennonite, and gladly collaborate with a widening circle of new and global Anabaptists as well as other kindred spirits from diverse denominations, cultures and social locations.