Values for Our Work and Life Together

Diversity, respect and equality

  • We value diversity in our community and believe theological education is richer when we are in conversation with those who are different from us.

  • We want all members of the community to have a voice.

  • We will respectfully engage differing opinions.

  • We are Mennonite in affiliation and our primary teaching perspective, and we expect to be enriched by engagement with other Christian traditions. We welcome people to note differences and similarities in their own contexts.

  • We acknowledge and work to dismantle racism (combination of prejudice and power) and sexism.

  • We want people of all genders, racial-ethnic identities, and economic backgrounds to have equal access to information, services and positions.

  • We expect all members to avoid prejudicial attitudes, stereotyping and demeaning comments.

  • We expect all members of the AMBS community to relate to each other in appropriate ways: no sexual harassment, abuse or assault; no viewing of pornography; marriage commitments are honored.

Safety and well-being

  • We do not allow guns on campus.

  • We refer people asking for financial help to Church Community Services rather than giving money directly.

  • We contact a campus resident or police if our safety or the safety of another person feels threatened, and we report unwelcome activity on campus to a vice president.

  • We encourage healthy lifestyles, including exercise, good eating habits and using a primary care physician.

  • We prohibit the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol. We do not use alcohol at seminary-sponsored functions, and we do not allow smoking on campus.

  • We encourage everyone to pay attention to stress levels, depression and other forms of mental illness, and to seek assistance when necessary.

  • We encourage spiritual formation through involvement in chapels, prayer times, spiritual direction and retreats, and local congregational involvement.

Reconciliation and mutual accountability

  • We care for creation by coexisting with wildlife on campus, recycling and conserving energy.

  • We care about peace and justice on global, local and interpersonal levels.

  • We will work at conflict in healthy ways, rather than avoiding it.

  • We encourage people to follow Matthew 18:15-17 to resolve a conflict. If there are unequal power dynamics or cultural dynamics that make this inappropriate, advocates should be used to help address the conflict.

  • We can use a formal grievance procedure if conflicts remain unresolved.

  • We will refrain from using email to deal with sensitive matters.

  • We will practice mutual accountability rather than “live and let live” individualism.

  • We will watch out for each other, providing support, counsel and even correction when necessary.

  • We will bring concerns with sensitivity and respond to concerns without defensiveness.

  • We can bring concerns about destructive behavior to the attention of administration if direct address is not effective.

Reviewed and approved by the AMBS Administrative Cabinet — Dec. 5, 2018

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