AMBS Kansas Center

Serving people in the Great Plains area with both master’s level courses and non-credit short courses and workshops.

Themes of the offerings reflect the mission of AMBS—to prepare leaders for God’s reconciling mission. The topics selected, such as church leadership, Anabaptist theology, congregational ministry, Christian formation and peace studies, are shaped by our Anabaptist perspective and the issues and interests of the region.

AMBS Kansas Center resources are designed for: 

  • people who want to enhance their involvement in their congregations
  • people pursuing a seminary degree in order to serve in ministry roles
  • pastors who want enrichment for ongoing ministry
  • people testing a call to ministry.

AMBS collaborates and consults with other organizations and agencies in the region and relies on the administrative team of local church workers to shape the ways the Center serves individuals and congregations.

People pursuing a Master of Divinity degree:

Students who wish to earn a Master of Divinity degree will enroll in AMBS’s MDiv Connect program. These students do most of their study at a distance, and those in the central Kansas area can earn credit either through courses offered in the AMBS Kansas Center area or online, with several brief visits to campus each year. 

People looking for learning opportunities without credit:

Pastors, Sunday School teachers, youth workers, spiritual directors, chaplains and all who are involved in their congregation’s ministries are invited to join the non-credit offerings. These include workshops and short courses, which may be combined with or be a segment of for-credit courses.

Katherine Goerzen, AMBS-Kansas CenterContact

Katherine Goerzen
AMBS-Kansas Center Coordinator
P.O. Box 306
2505 N. Main St.
North Newton, KS  67117

Administrative Team