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Hybrid Courses — Interterm 2015

Hybrid courses begin December 15 and end March 1.
They meet on campus January 12-17, 2015, beginning at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

Luke-Acts: Mission Perspectives  BIB526H; CHM521H

Biennial — Three hours — Laura Brenneman
This reading of Luke-Acts pays attention to the unity of the two books as well as to their significance for the mission of the contemporary church. Work with the text includes discussion of various aspects of mission, such as preaching, teaching, and healing; resolution of community problems; and prayer. This course is cross-listed under two departments.

Christian Theology 2  HTE520H

Annual — Three hours — Lois Barrett
The course will examine how Christians have understood the experience and role of the Holy Spirit in relation to tradition; the nature, purpose, and practices of the church inducing a missional understanding of the church in relation to the world, and eschatology—convictions about the destiny of human life and the world in which it is embedded. Prerequisite: Christian Theology 1 or equivalent.

Faith Formation & Spirituality: Adults and Seniors  CHM571H

Biennial — Two hours — Andy Brubacher Kaethler
This multi-disciplinary course focuses on understanding faith formation in the life of adults and senior adults. The goal is to explore how congregations can nurture growing faith effectively and authentically all through life.

Campus Courses — Interterm 2015

Campus courses meet January 5 through 23.

Peace & Justice: Latin American Perspectives  HTE659

ON LOCATION AT SEMILLA (Guatemala) — Three hours — Jamie Pitts and SEMILLA instructor

This course has been cancelled
Offered at the Latin American Anabaptist Seminary in Guatemala City, Guatemala, this course examines the rich theological heritage (Anabaptist, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal) that has developed in and for the Latin American context.

Biblical Storytelling  CHM516

Biennial — Three hours — Allan Rudy-Froese
Since narrative is an essential form of Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, storytelling is an important way of interpreting the Bible. In this course we will learn to tell the sacred stories in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes. Whether for worship, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, or for fun, stories are the building blocks of life, particularly for our faith life.

Education for Peace and Justice  CHM542 | CHM542-3

Biennial — Two or three hours  — Rachel Miller Jacobs
This course focuses on the theory and practice of education for peace and justice as a major dimension of ministry and mission. Such contemporary challenges as materialism and poverty, violence, racism, and sexism will be addressed in terms of opportunities for congregational discipling in different settings. A number of pedagogical approaches will be presented. Students’ involvement in education and peace and justice ministries is expected. This class meets weekdays, January 5 to 16 for two credit hours; a third credit hour is available for additional work.


Ministry Formation Extended  INT501-EX

.5 credit hour or 1 credit hour — Rebecca Slough
This course uses students’ participation in a continuing education event, reflection on learning from the event, and the development of a ministry project based on that learning to extend their competency in ministry practice. Students work with a faculty coordinator to create a plan for the course including objectives for assessing their learning and performance. Continuing education events chosen by students must be approved by the Director of Missional Leadership Development or the Dean. The course rectifies discrepancies in hours required for the Ministry Formation sequence for students who began the MDiv program prior to fall 2013 and require courses no longer offered in the curriculum.

AMBS-Kansas Center Courses — Interterm 2015

Check the Academic Calendar and Course List for schedules.

Rural Ministry GP:CHM595

Occasional — One hour  — S. Roy Kaufman
Jan 20 and Jan 22: 6:30 - 9:30 pm;  Jan 24: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Pastoral ministry in rural congregations presents special challenge and opportunities because of the unique character of the rural communities and agrarian cultures in which these congregations are located. This course will explore 1) the mission of the rural congregations, the unique calling of God for congregations in rural settings and the role they have in shaping the agrarian culture of rural communities; 2) the character of good news in rural ministry, the "shape" the Gospel takes in a rural setting and what biblical texts and themes make for effective preaching in a rural setting; 3) the prophetic calling in rural ministry, the task of identifying and calling out the oppressive, exploitative and idolatrous forces operating within and around agrarian cultures and rural communities; 4) pastoral care in rural ministry, how pastors and congregations are to cope with the grief and loss rural communities experience in the form of dying rural towns,declining congregational membership, and the loss of youth, farms and farm families. This course is offered in North Newton, Kan., through AMBS-Kansas Center.

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Rural Ministry (AMBS-Kansas Center course) advance readings

Conflict, Communication, and Conciliation  GP:CHM633-2

Annual — Two hours — Kirsten Zerger and Gary Flory
January 6-9, 2015
Conflict is an inevitable part of interpersonal relationships, including relationships within the church. This course prepares students to navigate interpersonal conflict more fruitfully through a focus on conflict analysis, personal style in conflict, communication skills, conciliation and conflict transformation, and developing spiritual foundations for working with conflict. Emphasis will be placed on training through simulations and role plays. The course is approved by the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration for core mediation training. This course is offered in North Newton, Kan., for graduate credit through KIPCOR. Kirsten Zerger and Gary Flory are directors at KIPCOR.

Jerusalem Seminar    GP:BIB691

Biennial—Three hours—Patricia Shelly and Douglas Miller

This course is full.
A three-week, Jerusalem-based, travel seminar which studies the geographical and historical context of the Bible, surveys the religions and cultures of the area, and explores some of the dynamics in the Middle East conflict. Based in Jerusalem, the seminar also includes time in Galilee, a trip to the Dead Sea and a trip to Jordan (including Petra). The seminar group will make other field trips as the political situation allows and speak with Israeli and Palestinian spokespersons from different political and religious perspectives. This course is offered through Bethel College, North Newton, Kan., for graduate credit. Please visit the page for this course for additional information.