Master of Divinity & Master of Social Work

The dual MDiv and MSW combines electives and field education requirements the AMBS MDiv and Andrews University MSW programs can be earned in four years, rather than five, as would be the case if the programs were taken separately.


  • Provide one option for addressing the church’s need for pastors who are bivocationally prepared.
  • Provide a psychological, social, and clinical basis of training that will be recognized for third-party funding for social work and counseling employment.
  • Combine ministerial leadership of a congregation with local social service ministry, either in counseling or community administration and development.


Normally students concentrate on AMBS courses during the first year and then take MSW and AMBS courses over the next three years. Ten credit hours of elective courses at Andrews are used to complete the MDiv requirements.

The AMBS Director of Missional Leadership Development works cooperatively with the Andrews MSW Director of Field Education to find field placements that fulfill the expected learning requirements of both programs.

For additional details, please review the AMBS Catalog.