Master of Arts: Theological Studies

The MATS program is an academic degree that provides graduate education in several theological disciplines. The concentrations within the program are designed for people who desire a degree in theological studies as a supplement to their professional training, for those who want to enrich their participation in the life and mission of the church and for students preparing for doctoral studies in a theological discipline.


  • Biblical Studies concentration
  • Church History concentration
  • Theology and Ethics concentration

Educational goals

Graduates with a MATS will:

  • Demonstrate that they have a focused knowledge in a specific discipline (i.e., church history, biblical studies, or theology/ethics) with some exposure or knowledge of the others.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact critically with the major issues of the discipline.
  • Demonstrate competency in using appropriate research tools.
  • Articulate the significance of their discipline of biblical studies, theology and ethics, and/or church history for the mission of the church in the world, and communicate that significance in some public setting.
  • Articulate how they are integrating their intellectual and spiritual life—how they are understanding and loving God more truly.
  • Engage effectively with people of different theological and ethical perspectives.
  • Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.


The MATS is a 60-credit-hour degree. Most complete a comprehensive exam. However, students with demonstrated ability to do advanced work may consult with their adviser and petition for approval to write a thesis.

Ministries of recent graduates

Teaching in faith-based high schools and colleges; doctoral studies in law, anthropology and theology; inter-church relations; information technology; communications for a faith-based organization; consultant for anti-racism efforts, consultant on immigration issues for a church-based organization

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More information

Please see the AMBS Catalog for details about the Master of Arts: Theological Studies.