Online courses at AMBS

Fall 2014 online courses:

  • Introduction to Bible Study Tools (BIB503E)
  • Christian Theology 1 (HTE527E)
  • God's Shalom and the Church's Witness (CHM500E)

Spring 2015 online courses:

  • Beginning Greek: I John (BIB502E)
  • Anabaptist Approaches to Scripture (BIB540E)
  • Christian History 1 (HTE501E)
  • History of Christianity in Africa (HTE537E)
  • Foundations of Worship and Preaching, Part 1 (CHM511E)

Please check the course offering list to see details.

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Discounts for online students

People wishing to take an online course can receive a 50% discount on tuition if they are not already admitted for study in any masters-level theological program and have not previously taken an online course from AMBS. In addition, students at Canadian Mennonite University and Conrad Grebel University College can take an unlimited number of online courses with this discount.

Visit the page that explains this discount for more information.

More information about online courses

Online courses meet several needs:

  • For people who want to explore seminary study before making a commitment to move to campus
  • For students in degree programs, who live at a distance and wish to do some study from their home.
  • For people who want to enhance their knowledge of the Bible, church history, or other aspects of theological study in order to contribute more fully in their congregations.

Students in these courses are encouraged to share their learnings and understandings through online discussions, correspondence with the professor and student peer interactions.

AMBS usually offers one to three online courses a year. To see what online courses are offered in any term, visit the course list for the term you are interested in and scan the list for ID numbers followed by the letter "E."

For more information regarding AMBS online courses, please contact the Registrar by email or call 800.964.2627.


For a three-credit hour course, students are expected to spend a minimum of ten hours each week in activities related to the course, or a total of 140 hours for the duration of the course. This includes time spent reading, writing, posting work online and completing assignments. For two- or one-credit-hour courses, the expectation is adjusted proportionally.

Participating in an online course requires equipment and a discipline of study that is different from those of a face-to-face course. To help evaluate your skills and abilities to benefit from online study, please follow this link to a quiz provided by Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Anabaptist Short Courses

Online - Non-credit

If you are looking for short online courses that are for enrichment—not for graduate credit, explore the Church Leadership Center's Anabaptist Short Courses.

These short courses have similar titles to the Master's degree online courses; however, they are intended for people who are exploring the topics at a graduate level, but who are not interested in a full-semester course.