Social theory for Christian peacemakers course

Social Theory for Christian Peacemakers aims to equip Christians who work for peace and justice to develop their own conceptual framework for social and historical analysis. With a bias toward practitioners, the course offers an overview of theoretical resources in social science approaches to religion in cultural context.

The online format will foster opportunities for exchange among church and agency workers who are practicing peacemaking, asking similar questions and living with a heart for God’s mission in the world. Participants will bring life experience and direct observations from the frontlines of activism into conversation with theological convictions and social theory constructs.

Instructor: N. Gerald Shenk, Ph.D.Gerald Shenk

Gerald Shenk has been a theological educator for more than 30 years, most of that time at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. From 1977–2008 he was in a study-service role related to religion in former Yugoslavia. He holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary and a B.S. from Eastern Mennonite University.

Credit: Three credit hours

Format: Online

Schedule: February 4 through May 21



Fees for credit are $1,419 (tuition plus student services fee). Registration and application fees are in addition.

You can receive a 50% discount in tuition if you have not previously taken a course at AMBS and you are not admitted to, enrolled in or a graduate of another graduate theological program. This results in a total of $736.50 (reduced tuition plus student services fee; registration and application fees are waived).

Course details:

Readings represent a diversity beyond Euro-centric resources in the study anthropology, sociology, and peacemaking theories.

Graduate credits earned in this accredited course are transferable.

What students say

"I really enjoyed working on this project and overall taking this course because it allowed me to interact with other students in a way I haven't been able before in my seminary courses, so thanks! I really appreciated the variety of opinions and everybody's contribution. It was a great experience!"

"This is my first on-line course. I greatly benefited from the opportunity to read and interact with the other student's postings. I don't know if this is typical for all on-line courses, but this format created a learning community which contributed to and greatly informed my own learning experience."

"Thanks for always infusing our discussions with your incredible experiences 'from the field.' They certainly enrich the course and our broader understanding of practical peace-work. I appreciate your testimony that it was the 'simple' biblical truth of God's love for all that revived your passion and overcame the ever fickle media portrayals. That IS quite a transformative truth!"