Theology and Ethics

For bivocational pastors, congregational leaders, church-related school teachers, pastors new to the Mennonite Church, people desiring a disciplined approach to theological study

Students will develop critical and reflective skills as they explore the theological and ethical developments in the Christian church from an Anabaptist perspective. There is some freedom to devise some aspects of a certificate course of study in consultation with the Certificate Program adviser. For detailed information, please review the AMBS Catalog, pages 60-63.

Program of study

Required courses
  • Christian Theology 1
  • Christian Theology 2
  • History of Christianity I, or History of Christianity II, or Historical Theology: Patristic Era Through the High Middle Ages, or Historical Theology: Early 16th to mid 20th century
  • Contemporary Theology, or Theology and Religious Pluralism
  • Anabaptist History and Theology or Theologizing in the Anabaptist and Mennonite Traditions
  • Thinking Ethically
General electives

Total credits: 27