Certificate in Pastoral Theology for Financial Professionals

Christian financial counselors will benefit from this program of study, which brings theological, pastoral and ethical concerns to bear on the practice of financial counseling. This certificate will require on-campus or hybrid courses to meet the requirements and will involve part-time study over several years, since required courses are not always offered in the same year. All courses must be taken through AMBS, either on campus or in arranged off-campus offerings.

Program of study

Required courses

  • Anabaptist History and Theology or Global Anabaptist-Mennonite History and Theology
  • Bible Book Study or Thematic Study
  • Conflict, Communication and Conciliation
  • Economic Justice and Christian Conscience
  • Family Systems and Pastoral Care
  • God’s Shalom and the Church’s Witness
  • Principles of Pastoral Care
  • Thinking Ethically

General electives

  • Spiritual Practices courses or other courses relevant for developing competencies as a financial professional; or one independent study related to money, theology or ethics

Total credits: 27

For detailed information, please review the AMBS Catalog.