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Academic calendars and course lists

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Schedule of offerings

  • Courses listed under the departments are subject to some change due to sabbatical leaves and other transitions.
  • Each spring an announcement is made of courses to be offered the following academic year. Some courses are offered every year while others are offered in alternating years.
  • Normally a minimum of five registrants is required for a course to be offered.
  • Course information, including advanced reading assignments are posted on Moodle, the online course management system, by the dates indicated in the Academic Calendar.
  • AMBS reserves the right to cancel a course for which enrollment is insufficient or faculty is unavailable.


For a three-credit-hour course, students are expected to spend a minimum of ten hours each week in activities related to the course, or a total of 140 hours for the duration of the course. This includes time spent in class sessions, as well as time reading and completing assigned work. For two- and one-credit- hour courses, the expectation is adjusted proportionally.

Course registration

Course descriptions

The AMBS Catalog contains descriptions of all the courses that are offered at AMBS.