Merry Lea Sustainability Leadership Semester

Environmental Sustainability Concentration 

For students in the Master of Arts: Peace Studies (MAPS) program and Master of Divinity (MDiv) Peace Studies Concentration

Residency Program: Fifteen week-residency at Merry Lea Environmental Center of Goshen College (Wolf Lake, Indiana), living in intentional community with a mix of graduate and undergraduate students. (More information)

Purpose: The purpose of this concentration for the MAPs program and the Peace Studies concentration in the MDiv program is to build leadership skills in community development around environmental sustainability that is grounded in practical experience utilizing theological frameworks for interpreting appropriate sustainable responses.

Course Work: Three 4-credit hour courses over fifteen weeks taught by Merry Lea professors and staff, including:

  • Integrated Social and Ecological Systems
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Community Leadership Experience in Sustainability

MAPS students will take these three courses plus the first semester of MAPS integrative seminar; they will complete the second semester of the year when back on the AMBS campus using connections with the local agency or service provider they cultivated in the fall semester. MAPS students will be eligible for the Environmental Sustainability Leadership semester in the fall of their second year of study (or equivalent).

MDiv students will take these three courses. They will still take Ministry in Church and World and complete the Supervised Ministry experience required in the Common Requirements of the MDiv program. MDiv students will be eligible for the semester during their third year of study or equivalent.

Housing and Meals

Lodging costs at Merry Lea will be commensurate with the cost of living in AMBS campus housing. AMBS students will be living at Merry Lea Environmental Center the entire semester. There is not sufficient room for families to live on site with students. Students will share eating and cooking arrangements, plan weekly menus, and shop together weekly.

Registration and Tuition

AMBS students will register for this semester through the normal registration process after consulting with their advisor and pay AMBS tuition rates and fees.


(After September 1, 2016)
AMBS students will complete an application process for consideration in the Merry Lea program. Directions for completing this process are available through the AMBS registrar’s office.