Peace Studies courses

Please note: Course IDs ending in “E” are online courses. IDs ending in “H” are hybrid courses. Course titles appearing in bold will be offered in an upcoming term in the 2018–19 academic year. To learn more or register, see the one-course options page.


  • Biblical Foundations for Peace and Justice (BIB651, BIB651H)
  • Biblical Understandings of Migration (BIB555)
  • The Religious Other in the Bible (campus: June 2019) (BIB620)
  • Theology and Ethics of the Gospels (BIB642)

History, Theology, and Ethics

  • Christian Attitudes Toward War, Peace, and Revolution (HTE644, HTE644E)
  • Church and Race (HTE649)
  • Creation Care: Theology, Ethics, and Spirituality (HTE531)
  • Economic Justice and Christian Conscience (HTE641, HTE641H)
  • Ethics and Practice of Forgiveness (hybrid: May-July 2019) (HTE657, HTE657H)
  • Human Sexuality and Christian Ethics (HTE646, HTE646H)
  • Introduction to Peace Studies and Nonviolence (HTE550)
  • Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (online: January-May 2019) (HTE686, HTE686E)
  • Political Theology and Ethics (HTE628)
  • Practicing and Embodying Nonviolence (campus: June 2019) (HTE664)
  • Religion and Peace Processes (HTE575)
  • Religion, Violence, and Peacebuilding (campus: May 2019) (HTE555)
  • Theology and Women’s Narratives (HTE623, HTE623H)
  • Theology in Context: Elkhart, Indiana (campus: January-May 2019) (HTE618)
  • Theology in Latin American Perspective (HTE659)
  • Witness Colloquium (campus: January-May 2019) (HTE534 or CHM529)

Church and Ministry