Sessional Faculty at AMBS

2019–2020 Academic year

Luke Beck Kreider, MA

Sessional Faculty

Luke Beck Kreider, MA, works on religious environmental thought and practice, focusing on Christian environmental ethics as they intersect with issues of justice, conflict, and peace.

Jo-Ann Brant, PhD

Sessional Faculty

Jo-Ann A. Brant is Professor Emerita of Bible and Religion at Goshen (Indiana) College.

Heather Bunce, MA

Sessional Faculty

Heather Bunce, MA, is the professor of Hebrew and Director of Library Services at Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, Michigan.

David C. Cramer, PhD

Managing Editor, Institute of Mennonite Studies; Sessional Faculty

David Cramer is the teaching pastor at Keller Park Church, an urban congregation in South Bend. In addition to teaching courses in theology, he serves as Managing Editor of the Institute of Mennonite Studies at AMBS.

Paul Keim, PhD

Sessional Faculty

Paul Keim is professor of Bible and Religion at Goshen (Indiana) College and regularly teaches Greek and Hebrew courses at AMBS.

James R. Krabill, PhD

Core Adjunct Faculty

James R. Krabill has recently retired as Senior Executive for Global Ministries for Mennonite Mission Network.

Daniel Schrock, DMin

Sessional Faculty

Dan Schrock is co-editor (with Marlene Kropf) of An Open Place: The Ministry of Group Spiritual Direction (Morehouse, 2012) and author of The Dark Night: A Gift of God (Herald, 2009).

Jason Shenk, BA

Sessional Faculty

Jason Shenk is a community organizer who was the founding coordinator of the People's History of Elkhart project from 2009-2017.

Carli Steelman, MA

Sessional Faculty

Carli Steelman, MA, is a social movement scholar with a focus on studying religious movements, including US civil rights and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.