Anabaptist Scholarship

The Anabaptist Scholarship will provide 50% of tuition to selected students who identify with the Anabaptist tradition, but who are not members of Mennonite congregations.

Criteria for award recipients

Recipients will be full-time students who are members in good standing of a congregation. The decision to award a grant will be based on four factors:

  1. Previous academic performance, based on information gained from transcripts and references including a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. Leadership potential and demonstrated skills, based on information gained from references.
  3. Reflection of Anabaptist values, as described in a 3-5 page essay:
    a. Describe those Anabaptist core values and beliefs that you affirm and claim as your own.
    b. Describe the congregational and personal practices that you see as central to a lived faith.
  4. Personal character and emotional health, based on information gained from references.

Procedures to apply for the Anabaptist Scholarship

Applicants must submit the following by February 1 for the upcoming academic year.

  1. A completed application for admission with all supporting materials, including transcript(s) and references.
  2. A completed application for financial aid/scholarships.
  3. A 3- to 5-page essay, as stated above.

Understandings for Anabaptist Scholarship recipients

  1. Recipients will be enrolled as full-time students (full-time is defined as nine credit hours or more per semester plus one short-term course during Interterm or the summer).
  2. Eligibility from year to year will be based on satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree, including:
    a. Maintaining a 3.0 GPA.
    b. Continuing as a full-time student
    c. Supporting and adhering to AMBS community life standards
    d. Actively participating in campus activities.

The Admission Committee, which reviews full-tuition scholarship applications, will review essays and award scholarship(s). Scholarships will be limited to a total of three (counting new and continuing) each academic year.