Anabaptist Scholarship

The Anabaptist Scholarship will provide 50% tuition to selected students who identify with the Anabaptist tradition, but who are not members of a Mennonite congregation. The deadline for applying is February 15.

Criteria and Understandings for Anabaptist Scholarships Recipients

  1. Have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. Leadership potential and demonstrated skills, based on information gained from references.
  3. Reflection of Anabaptist values, as described in a 3-5 page essay:
    • Describe those Anabaptist core values and beliefs that you affirm and claim as your own.
    • Describe the congregational and personal practices that you see as central to a lived faith.
  4. Personal character and emotional health, based on information gained from
  5. Recipients will be enrolled as full-time students (full-time is defined as nine credit hours or more per semester plus one short-term course during Interterm or the summer). 
  6. Students in the MDiv program are eligible to receive the award for three (3) years. Students in an MA program are eligible to receive the award for two (2) years. Note: To finish a degree in the allotted timeframe a student must complete 27-30 credit hours per year, which generally consists of 12 hours per semester plus a course during Interterm and another course in the summer.
  7. Eligibility from year to year will be based on satisfactory progress toward the completion of the degree, including:
    • Maintaining a 3.0 GPA
    • Continuing as a full-time student
    • Supporting and adhering to AMBS community life standards
    • Actively participating in campus activities
  8. Recipients will be eligible to apply for other AMBS scholarships. Priority for other scholarships will generally be provided to students receiving 50% or less in tuition assistance. Churches can also provide assistance, but they will not be eligible to receive church matching grants.

The Admissions Committee will review essays and award scholarship(s). Scholarships will be limited to a total of three (counting new and continuing) each academic year.