Applying to AMBS

Admission policy

AMBS is committed to dismantling barriers to equality within the seminary and the communities where we live and serve. As part of this commitment, AMBS will make decisions regarding admission to study at AMBS without discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, physical disability, national or ethnic origin, gender and sexual orientation. See the “Admissions and financial aid” and “Academic policies and procedures” sections in the AMBS Catalog for more details about admission to AMBS degree programs.

Community Life Commitment

Admission to AMBS assumes a commitment on the part of every student to join and to participate in a community devoted to theological education and preparation for ministry, worship, study, and the life of Christian faith. This community, whether on campus or at a distance, is part of and accountable to the church of Jesus Christ, the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, and the seminary's sponsoring churches. It is understood that all members of the seminary community will respect the confessions, convictions, values and commitments of the tradition and the churches that it serves and will respect other traditions represented in the community and in the places where members minister and learn. It also is understood that members of the community will respect the core values of AMBS and the seminary's commitment to anti-racism and welcoming Christians of diverse traditions and ethnicities.

Candidates for professional degree programs are expected to be members in good standing of a Christian church.

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and a minimum grade point average of 2.50 are required.

Provisional admission

Graduates from a non-accredited college or a non-liberal arts college may be admitted with “provisional” academic status by action of the Admissions Committee. Provisional status may be changed to regular status by action of the Admissions Committee after the student has completed 11 credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.50.


The application process requires that the applicant have sent to the Admissions Office a transcript or transcripts of all academic work above high school. Students transferring from another theological seminary and seeking transferred credit shall submit a statement of honorable dismissal and a transcript of their academic record. See more details on the Application Process page.

Basic competencies

Basic computer skills are essential for meeting the requirements of many AMBS courses. English language and composition skills also are essential. Read more in the AMBS Catalog.


Application Forms

Please contact the Admissions Team if you are unable to use the online forms above.

Admissions Calendar

July 31 is the deadline to apply in order to begin study in Semester One, which begins in August.

We must have your complete application in hand by July 31 (including your essay, references and college transcripts) for you to begin courses in the upcoming term. Please allow several weeks for this process. 

See our Admissions Calendar for an overview of dates to know for the coming academic year.

Course registration

Visit the course registration area for more information.