Tuition discount

for graduate students at Conrad Grebel University College and Canadian Mennonite University

Students enrolled in master's-level programs at Conrad Grebel University College (CGUC) and Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) will receive a 50-percent tuition discount for all online AMBS courses they take.

Below is a list of available courses.

Biennial — Three hours — Gary Yamasaki

In this course, students will learn the Greek and Hebrew alphabets and how to use study aids and research tools. They also will be oriented to basic exegetical methodologies using the original biblical languages. Using print resources and computer-assisted Bible study programs, students will cultivate skills needed when studying the Bible in preparation for preaching and teaching in the congregation.

Biennial — Three hours — Lois Barrett

A descriptive and analytic study of the settings, ideas and personalities that shaped Anabaptism within the context of the early 16th-century church and society. Bearing in mind the social and political setting, the course will highlight doctrine, ethics, mission, sacramental life and spirituality in various streams of Anabaptism, noting their common and contrasting characteristics. The relevance of this heritage for contemporary ecumenical, doctrinal, congregational and personal life will be assessed.

Biennial — Two hours — Rachel Miller Jacobs

This course on the ministry of Christian formation in congregational life examines two central questions: How is faith nurtured to maturity in congregational life? And how are leaders equipped to guide the congregation in its growth? Focusing on three essential and interrelated arenas of congregational life — worship, community and mission — the course explores key biblical and theological foundations for Christian formation, provides guidance for a variety of formation ministries and introduces practical tools for nurturing growth in faith for leaders and for groups.

Biennial — Two hours — Daniel Schipani

This course begins with a biblical and historical survey of pastoral care. It explores theory and practice and encourages students to develop their own theological understandings of this field and a model of pastoral care. Pastoral care is considered in various circumstances and contexts. Attention is paid to communication and listening skills, interpersonal relationships, helping relationships and interventions that facilitate healing and growth.

More information

For details, please contact Daniel Grimes, director of financial aid.

Andy Brubachert Kaethler, associate professor of Christian formation and culture, with student Yukino Ohyama.

How to receive this benefit

Register for a course
Select the "online" course type on the CMU/Conrad Grebel online registration form. Please note: Students must show proof of enrollment in the form of a letter of standing from their school.

Pay course tuition at par
Use one of the following options. Please note: The student services fee applies and is not discounted.

  • Online registration form.
  • Call the Business Office: 800.964.2627 ext. 226.
  • Mail a Canadian funds check:
    AMBS Registrar's Office
    3003 Benham Avenue
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