Tuition and fees

Course tuition and fees for 2020–21

Regular tuition per credit hour


Audit tuition per credit hour — AMBS graduates $92

Audit tuition per credit hour — regular

Independent study tuition per credit hour $566
Student services fee per credit hour (applies to all tuition types) $20

Tuition for each semester, including student services fee (12 credit hours)


Tuition cost for one year of full-time study: 27 credit hours (including 12 credit hours per semester plus 3 Intensive Term credit hours and corresponding student services fees)


Registrar and student fees/discounts for 2020–21

Application fee (nonrefundable) $50
Course change fee (after close of registration) $40
Deferred tuition payment plan setup fee $16
Late payment fee (tuition/rent not paid on time); monthly charge for past-due accounts $40
MDiv Thesis Extension fee (equal to one credit hour) $530
Ministry and Mission Experience (MME) fee per credit hour $530
Registration fee (charged each term for admitted students only) $100

Official transcript fee (unofficial transcripts are free of charge)

Early registration discount (for admitted students only) ($100)

Payment of tuition and fees

When registrations are received by the early registration date noted on the Academic Calendar, the student receives a $100 early registration discount.

Admitted students: 

  • Payment of tuition and fees is due at the beginning of each term. Payment may be made online by VISA or MasterCard or by check sent to Registrar, AMBS, 3003 Benham Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46517.
  • Students who are taking four or more credit hours a semester may apply to pay tuition and fees in installments by contacting the Business Office Manager (audit hours do not qualify). Late payments are subject to a late fee.
  • Full-time study consists of nine or more credit hours per semester. Students with a full-time load take from 9 to 14 hours per semester, with 12 hours being a typical load.
  • All admitted students may apply for AMBS need-based financial aid.

Nonadmitted students and graduates:

  • Payment of tuition and fees is due at the time of registration. Payment may be made online by VISA or MasterCard, or by check sent to Registrar, AMBS, 3003 Benham Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46517.
  • Financial aid and payment plans are not available.