Voluntary Service Scholarships

In order to make theological education accessible for more leaders and emerging leader in the Mennonite/ Anabaptist and other Christian traditions, AMBS partners with Christian Voluntary Services (VS) programs to offer tuition discounts and scholarships to current and former VS’ers.

VS Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Former VS participant from approved VS program, and completed the program in good standing. Any VS program that has an Agreement in place with AMBS is designated as an approved program.
  2. A scholarship in the amount of $1,500 will be provided to the former VS participant if they enroll in a program of study and/or for-credit course.  
  3. Enrollment must occur within five years after the completion of their VS assignment.
  4. The scholarship funds are limited to AMBS tuition payment only, and can only be disbursed during one academic year. However, if a former VS’er is enrolled in an academic program of study, the scholarship is renewable provided the former VS’er maintains a full-time student status*.
  5. If an AMBS course is taken while in the VS program, the former VS’er will only be eligible for the scholarship if they received a C or higher in the AMBS course taken.

*Note: The MDiv program is designed to be completed in three years, and MA programs are designed to be completed in two years. Students are eligible to receive the scholarship award based on the number of years required to complete their specific program of study.