Welcome, alumni!

Whether you graduated from one of our predecessor schools many years ago, or are a more recent graduate from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, or have taken 12 or more credit hours, we value you as part of our alumni community.

Stay connected to the seminary and other alumni through the various resources on this page. We hope to continue to encourage you in the ministries to which you have been called.

Ways to stay connected

Ministry and Service Recognition

With the Alumni Ministry and Service Recognition, AMBS celebrates alumni engaged in God’s reconciling mission. We recognize people currently in ministry as well as those whose lifetime reflects faithful service to God. Learn more about the Ministry and Service Recognition

Benefits for AMBS alumni

AMBS alumni leave our learning community with the spiritual, ethical and academic formation needed to participate in God’s reconciling mission. We are also glad to send them into their ministries with a variety of gifts to keep them rooted in the Word, growing in Christ.

ATLASerials for Alum

The AMBS library provides library resources to alumni, including the ATLASerials collection of full text articles. In ATLASerials you will find resources for biblical interpretation as well as coverage of academic and pastoral theology. Visit ATLASerials for Alum

Graduate audits

AMBS graduates may enroll in any course open to auditors on the AMBS campus in Elkhart for a reduced rate. Available courses include those that the professors teaching the course allow audits. Please note: online courses and hybrid courses are not eligible for graduate audits.

Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology

Each year, all members of the graduating class receive a one-year subscription to Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology. The Institute of Mennonite Studies and AMBS development team hopes that these gifts will encourage alumni to continue reading and research for the sake of their preaching, teaching, service and ministries in congregations and beyond. Renew your subscription

AMBS Reunions

AMBS occasionally gathers alumni for alumni reunions. Stay tuned for more information.