Benefits for AMBS alumni

Bells and diplomas at AMBS commencement.

AMBS alumni leave our learning community with the spiritual, ethical and academic formation needed to particpate in God's reconciling mission. We are also glad to send them into their ministries with a variety of gifts to keep them rooted in the Word, growing in Christ.

ATLASerials for Alum

The AMBS library provides library resources to alumni, most notably the ATLASerials collection of full text articles. In ATLASerials you will find resources for biblical interpretation as well as coverage of academic and pastoral theology. ATLA is increasing its coverage of international resources, including Korean and Spanish content and material published in Africa. Explore our other recommendations of resources for our alumni in their ministry, many of them available online at no charge.

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Graduate audits

AMBS graduates may enroll in any course open to auditors on the AMBS campus in Elkhart for a reduced rate. Available courses include those that the professors teaching the course allow audits. Interested auditors must enroll with the registrar before the semester begins and have paid all tuition and fees. Auditors will not be allowed to enroll in any courses after the first day of the semester. As an auditor, you may be expected to complete readings or assignments designated by the professor in order to participate in class discussions. Auditors may not take examinations or ask professors to evaluate work of any kind. Please note: online coures and hybrid courses are not eligible for graduate audits.

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Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology

Each year, all members of the graduating class receive a one year subscription to Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology. The Institute of Mennonite Studies and AMBS development team hopes that these gifts will encourage alumni to continue reading and research for the sake of their preaching, teaching, service and ministries in congregations and beyond.

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