Alumni virtual reunions coming!

Since we haven’t been able to gather any alumni in person this year, we are going to try Zoom reunions in April, May and early June.

The following Zoom reunions will be organized by decade, and you can attend whichever gatherings fit your years of study at AMBS. We’ll have breakout groups within each gathering so that you can connect with your classmates.

Several retired and long-term teaching faculty have also agreed to attend reunions for the years they taught at AMBS. Participating current and former teaching faculty will include Lois Barrett, Malinda Berry, Andy Brubacher-Kaethler, Jacob Elias, Marlene Kropf, Gary Martin, Art McPhee, Walter Sawatsky, Daniel Schipani, Rebecca Slough and June Alliman Yoder!

Reunions will take place online on Thursdays at 7 p.m. Eastern Time:

In addition, a Zoom reunion for alumni from any time period will be held June 10 at 12 p.m. ET. Register for this reunion.

Mark your calendar and register at each link above. 

Janeen Bertsche Johnson, M.Div., Alumni Director