AMBS Financial Aid for Canadians

The financial aid program at AMBS is based primarily on need. All admitted students, regardless of course load, are eligible to apply for financial aid.

Merit scholarships

Full tuition scholarships, called the Church Leadership Award and the Next Generation Scholarship, are awarded on demonstration of potential for strong church leadership. They provide full-tuition grants for up to three years in the Master of Divinity program and up to two years in a Master of Arts program. The Next Generation Scholarship also includes funds to assist with fees, books and other expenses.

Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) Scholarship

A scholarship opportunity for prospective students from MCEC congregations. Deadline to apply is April 1Learn more.

AMBS grants

AMBS makes grants available to all eligible students, regardless of course load. Mennonite students studying full-time at AMBS (at least nine credit hours per semester; 12 hours per academic year for MDiv Connect or MA: Theology and Global Anabaptism students) are eligible for grants of up to 50 percent of tuition. Other full-time students qualify for grants of up to 30 percent of tuition. Students taking less than a full load receive aid for a smaller percentage of their tuition costs.

Some grants are provided through special scholarships in which donors support specific needs. For example, the Steiner Bivocational Scholarship assists people who are training for bivocational ministry or who are pastors combining congregational ministry with other employment.

Congregational and regional church aid

Many congregations and regional churches have loan, forgivable loan and scholarship programs. Applicants should check with their regional church and congregational leaders for information; see also our Regional Church aid for Canadian students webpage. For information about AMBS matching grants for regional church and congregational contributions, see the Church Partnership FormPlease note: When Canadian students pay tuition and receive financial aid for tuition, Canadian dollars are at par with U.S. dollars.AMBS financial aid, including matching grants, will not exceed the cost of a student’s tuition for the semester.

Student employment opportunities

Employment for a student or a spouse is an option, depending on the kind of visa the student holds. However, there are some restrictions related to where someone can seek employment and how the earnings can be used. For information, contact Mary Ann Weber, Admissions Counselor and Student Services Coordinator.

Canadian student loans

Student loans, funded by the government of Canada and administered with participating provinces, are available to Canadian citizens enrolled in full-time study. Repayment is deferred while full-time status is maintained. Students may contact local banks for information. AMBS is registered with the provincial administrative offices for enrollment of students with Canada Student Loans.

How am I expected to contribute?

Students at AMBS assume major responsibility in meeting the costs of their schooling through savings and other assets, employment (including spouse earnings), and grants or loans. We encourage students to explore all the possibilities for support and can offer counsel about sources of support.

How will my need be determined?

All Canadian students applying for financial aid are asked to complete the AMBS Financial Aid Application (by April 15). Eligibility for financial aid is determined from calculations on this form. The student’s demonstrated need is the difference between the official cost of attendance and the expected contribution of the individual/family. An owned primary residence is not included in the assessment of resources available. Students are encouraged to discuss unusual circumstances or expenses with the director of financial aid.

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