Anabaptist Schools, Scripture and Spiritual Awakening

Published: November 12, 2015

"How might our Anabaptist Mennonite schools inseparably hold together an immersion in the Gospel of our resurrected Lord with an immersion in communities of persons who are victimized by the ruling powers? How might we hold together an immersion in the world transforming visions of the Bible with an immersion in the natural world, the sciences, humanities and professional studies? How might a new awakening to the mystical Biblical visions of the world-as-it-should-be ignite fierce love to save the real world right under our feet?"

In her latest Practicing Reconciliation post, Anabaptist Schools, Scripture and Spiritual Awakening, AMBS president Sara Wenger Shenk raises these and other questions about what Anabaptist education must look like to face our fraught and complicated present and future.

The post is based on her concluding sermonic plenary for Bluffton University’s Mennonite Education conference, Mennonite Education: Past Present and Future. To listen to Sara’s 21-minute sermon, start at 38:15 of this recording: "Leaves of the Trees Healing the Nation."

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