Anabaptist Witness journal expands dialogue

Published: July 21, 2015

Deborah Froese / a joint release of AMBS, MMN and MC Canada

Jamie Ross and Jamie Pitts, co-editors of the Anabaptist Witness journal, will introduce the publication to a wider audience at Mennonite World Conference in Harrisburg, PA. The semi-annual journal publishes the thoughts and reflections of diverse Anabaptist thinkers, mission workers, and writers on issues facing the church in mission in the 21st century.

The July 21 seminar, “Anabaptist Witness: Walking with God into the Future of Anabaptist and Mennonite Missiology,” will include an international panel reflecting on the potential for the journal to contribute to global Anabaptist mission, and a guided discussion with attendees on the future of the journal. Panelists include César Moya of Colombia and Gregory Rabus of the Anabaptist Witness editorial committee.

Mennonite World Conference related posts from international bloggers including Darnell Barkman, Mennonite Church Canada worker in the Philippines, will be carried on during and after the assembly.

Ross and Pitts also welcome new editorial committee member Carmen Andres. Andres comes from Mennonite Brethren church. As Communications Consultant, Andres will develop a media and communications strategy for the journal. “I was very impressed by the diversity of theological and professional backgrounds represented on the committee,” she said. “That made it very appealing to me.”

Tim Froese, Executive Minister, Witness, represents Mennonite Church Canada’s interests in the publication.

“The new journal has broadened mission dialogue and engagement among more practitioners and academics across various Anabaptist groups and is doing so through various formats, including a print and electronic journal, a website with a blog, and a Facebook page,” said Froese. He is encouraged by the publication’s widening audience– and by the increasing number of global and multi-lingual contributors from the broader Anabaptist family.

Anabaptist Witness is entering its second year, publishing each April and October.

In addition to Carmen Andres, the editorial team includes book editors Steve Heinrichs (Mennonite Church Canada Director, Indigenous Relations) and Isaac S. Villegas (Pastor of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship, North Carolina, U.S.); marketing coordinator Matthew J. Krabill (Fuller Theological Seminary); visual editor SaeJin Lee (Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary); and web editor Gregory Rabus (Conference of German Mennonite Churches and Mennonite Church Canada, Mannheim, Germany). Anabaptist Witness is published by Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Mennonite Mission Network and Mennonite Church Canada.

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