Apply to !Explore

We are excited that you are considering !Explore: A Theological Program for High School Youth! Please review and complete the following forms according to the instructions. 
Applications are still being accepted!

What to know as you begin your application

Each application form is in two parts. On the first page, you will complete some minimal required personal information; this will let you revisit the application later. After you click “Submit,” you will see the rest of the application.

The application software will automatically save your work, so you can complete each form in installments if needed. A link to each form you start will be sent to the email address you provide on the first “pre-application” form.

We recommend that the youth applicant initiate each form, using their email address. This will ensure that their names and contact information are in our system for future communication. A link to each form will be sent to the email address provided upon submission of each “pre-application” form.

The time commitment for !Explore

The Congregational Experience comes before, after, or on both sides of the Group Experience. Participants give 100 hours of work in the congregation over five or more weeks, working alongside their pastor in a mentoring relationship.

For pastors

Please review the details of the !Explore program and application forms with the prospective youth participant(s). Each congregation is invited to submit up to three applications (one youth per application). We are now accepting more than one youth from each congregation into the program. 

For youth

There are two forms for youth applicants to fill out on their own: 

!Explore Contact Information Form (for youth)

!Explore Applicant Reflection Questions (for youth)

For youth and pastoral mentor

The applicant and pastoral mentor should find a time to complete this Covenant Form together.

!Explore Covenant Form (for youth and pastor)


Contact the !Explore office
[email protected] • 574-296-6225

Andy Brubacher Kaethler, !Explore Director
Teresa Thompson Sherrill, Administrative Assistant