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Timing matters! Complete your Admissions Application now so you have enough time to apply for scholarships and financial aid.

Complete an Admissions Application (we won’t know much aid you qualify for yet)

The application process at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary requires:

  1. Completed Admissions Application
  1. Completed personal essay
  2. A $50 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Transcripts of academic credit beyond the high-school level
  4. Three references: pastor, college teacher or academic advisor, and layperson
    (If applicants completed their most recent education more than 10 years ago, they may choose to supply an employer reference in lieu of an academic reference.)
  5. Completed and signed background check forms.
  6. Additional materials are required for Canadian applicants and international applicants.

Apply online to AMBS

The application is in two parts. On the first page, you will complete some minimal required personal information; this will let you revisit the application later. After you click “Submit,” you will see the rest of the application.

The application software will automatically save your work, so you can complete the form in installments if needed.

Please choose the most appropriate application form to begin.

Important dates

  • July 31: Deadline for Admission Application to begin study in Semester One (August/September through December). We must have your complete application in hand by July 31 (including your essay, references and college transcripts). 
  • Thirty days following your acceptance date: Deadline to apply for financial aid to receive the maximum for which you qualify.
  • March 15 or April 1: Deadline to apply for certain scholarships.

Guest registration

Students may take up to two courses at AMBS before applying for admission. Please see our upcoming courses page to select a course and register.

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