How do I know if a course is open to auditors?

At AMBS, we welcome auditors in campus courses. Some blended courses (campus courses that students who are at a distance from Elkhart can join via live videoconference during posted class times) may also be open to auditors. Unfortunately, online courses cannot be audited.

Courses that can be audited will be designated as “Open to auditors” on the Upcoming courses page. Some instructors prefer to be consulted first and to communicate specific expectations for auditors; in that case, “Auditors: consult with instructor” will be noted, and those interested in auditing can click on the instructor’s name to obtain contact information.

Do I qualify to audit a course?

Anyone who wishes to attend any sessions of a course without enrolling for credit must register as an auditor. However, the public can attend sessions of our Colloquia courses without needing to formally register.

Individuals may audit courses provided that the instructor teaching the course has agreed (if consultation is required), they have registered before the beginning of the semester or term, and they have paid the required fees for each course audited.

How much does it cost to audit a course?

  • Regular auditors pay an audit fee per credit hour in addition to the student services fee per credit hour (see Costs and affordability); an audit designation for the course will appear on their transcripts.
  • AMBS graduates receive a discounted audit rate per credit hour in addition to the student services fee per credit hour (see Costs and affordability). No record will be maintained of audited classes.
  • AMBS students may audit one course free of charge during a semester in which they are enrolled as full-time students, or in an Intensive Term course if they were enrolled full time in the previous semester and have not taken their two free audits yet that academic year. (Registration is required with the Registrar’s Office, but no record will be maintained of classes attended on this basis.)
  • The spouse of a full-time AMBS student (an admitted student enrolled in nine credit hours or more) may audit free of charge any course in the curriculum available to auditors that semester. The spouse of a part-time AMBS student may audit free of charge any course in which the latter is enrolled that semester. The free audit is limited to one course per semester.

What is expected of me as an auditor?

Instructors may expect auditors to complete readings or assignments in order to participate in class discussions. Auditors may not take examinations or ask professors to evaluate assignments.

Auditors will not receive a grade for an audited course.

How do I register to audit a course?

If you would like to audit a course, register through the guest student form

(If you are an AMBS graduate, register using the AMBS graduate audit registration form.)

Can I switch to taking the course for credit after enrolling as an auditor?

Auditors may change their audit registration to credit status prior to the close of the registration period for the semester or term in which they take the course (see the Academic calendar for specific dates for the appropriate academic year); after that deadline, they cannot change their status under any condition. Full tuition and fees apply when a registration changes from audit to credit.

Additional questions

If you have questions about auditing that aren’t answered here, contact the Registrar’s Office.

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