Book series from IMS

The Institute of Mennonite Studies has six series in which some of their books are published:

Classics of the Radical Reformation

Classics of the Radical Reformation was inaugurated to make major selections from sixteenth-century Anabaptist source documents available in translation with interpretive introductions for a broad English language readership. Read more

Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series

The Intercultural Biblical Hermeneutics Series is offered to Bible scholars and interested practitioners with a twofold purpose: to present the fruits of ongoing research in the new field of empirical intercultural hermeneutics, and to foster further conversation and collaboration. Read more

Occasional Papers

In the Occasional Papers series, Institute of Mennonite Studies—sometimes in collaboration with other Mennonite publishers—publishes essays in the fields of Bible, history, theology, ethics, and pastoral ministry. The intent of the series is to foster discussion and to seek counsel, particularly from within the Mennonite theological community. Many essays are in finished form; some may be in a more germinal stage, released for purposes of testing and inviting critical response. In accepting papers for publication, IMS gives priority to authors (faculty, students, alumni) from Mennonite seminaries, colleges, and universities. Read more

Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics

Studies in Anabaptist Theology and Ethics, published by T&T Clark under the editorial oversight of the Institute of Mennonite Studies, is dedicated to displaying the vibrant global resurgence of theological reflection and praxis in and adjacent to the Anabaptist tradition. Volumes draw from established and emerging voices and take a variety of forms, including but not limited to monographs, case studies, and edited collections. Read more

Studies in Peace and Scripture

Studies in Peace and Scripture is sponsored by the Institute of Mennonite Studies. The seminary and the tradition it represents have a particular interest in peace but, even more so, an interest in the Bible. This ecumenical series contributes to a deeper understanding of both. Read more

Text Readers

The Institute of Mennonite Studies Text Reader series seeks to make available resources that have promise for seminary classroom use. Priority is given to publishing materials with an orientation toward or relevance for Anabaptist-Mennonite theological tradition. Read more