Education for Peoplehood: Essays on the Teaching Ministry of the Church

Published: November 17, 2021

This volume brings together a wide range of contributions by Ross T. Bender, dean and professor of Christian education at Associated (now Anabaptist) Mennonite Biblical Seminary from 1962 to 1979. These writings reflect his fundamental conviction that God is deeply interested and involved in forming us as people of God, and that through the church’s teaching ministry we collaborate in the process of learning, growth, formation, and transformation.

Table of contents:

Foreword (Daniel Schipani)

Part I—Nurture and Instruction: Could Any Work Be More Important?


The Family

The Teacher

Part II—Congregational Education

Teaching the Bible in the Congregation

The Sunday School

The Relevance of Some Aspects of Piaget’s Theory for the Teaching Ministry of the Church

Part III—Educational Theory: The Aims of Education

On Being and Becoming a Person

Conversion in Religious Development

Anabaptist Education


Part IV—Theological Education: Seminary and Congregation

Theological Education in the Free Church Tradition

Christian Education in Theological Education

The Meaning to the Seminaries of the Changing International Situation

Ross T. Bender
Text Reader 8
ISBN: 0-936273-25-9
Elkhart, IN:
Institute of Mennonite Studies
1997 • $15.00 • 245 pages