Essays on Peace Theology and Witness

Published: November 17, 2021

Table of contents:

Introduction: response to the idea of a ‘Peace Theology Colloquium’ / Edgar Metzler

How do we do peace theology? / J. Lawrence Burkholder

Mennonites and the state: preliminary reflections / Ted Koontz

A reassessment of some traditional Anabaptist church state perspectives / John H. Redekop

Power: an ethical analysis from the Christian perspective / Duane Friesen

Proposal for an Anabaptist Peace Guard / Ron Sider

Peace theology and the concept of warrior God / Ben C. Ollenburger

Peace theology and the justice of God in the Book of Revelation / Ted Grimsrud

Peace theology and patriarchy: the trajectory of scripture and feminist conviction / Gayle Gerber Koontz

An ethic of character: the normative form of the Christian life according to Stanley Hauerwas / Harry Huebner

On God: ethics and the power to act in history / Stanley Hauerwas