Even the Demons Submit: Continuing Jesus’ Ministry of Deliverance

Published: November 16, 2021

Table of contents:

Worldviews and why they matter / Paul G. Hiebert

Biblical faith confronts evil spiritual realities / Willard M. Swartley

Generational sin and demonic oppression / Lawrence E. Burkholder

Suffering, sin, and the generous grace of God: a response to Lawrence E. Burkholder / Heidi Siemens-Rhodes

The systemic spirit of the family: reframing intergenerational sin in a therapeutic culture / Ronald E. Hammer

Beyond denigration to a holistic understanding of deliverance ministries: a response to Ronald E. Hammer / Wesley Bontreger

Case study: Mrs. E / Dean Hochstetler

Case study: Mr. Q / Dean Hochstetler

Case study: Gwen / as told to Duane Beck

Trusting Jesus when quick fixes elude us: a Belmont Mennonite Church story / Duane Beck

Congregation-based deliverance ministry: a Yellow Creek Mennonite Church story / Wesley Bontreger

In pursuit of truth and the healing touch of Jesus: my story / Dean Hochstetler, with Harold Bauman

Reflections on deliverance ministry: my story / Willard M. Swartley

The daughters of Zion and deliverance ministries: my story / Sheiler Stokes

Demonization and the therapeutic community: my viewpoint / Paul J. Yoder

Preparing pastors to face the challenge: deliverance ministry and pastoral care / Loren L. Johns and Arthur McPhee

Where from here? / J. Nelson Kraybill

Appendix 1. Resources for reflection and ministry / Dean Hochstetler

Appendix 2. A prayer for protection / Willard M. Swartley

Appendix 3. Exorcism 101 / Clinton E. Arnold

Bibliography for deliverance ministries / Willard M. Swartley.