From Adequate Biblical Interpretation to Transformative Intercultural Hermeneutics: Chronicling a Personal Journey

Published: July 9, 2021

This collection of essays chronicles nearly two decades of Louis C. Jonker’s journey with transformative intercultural biblical research in a post-apartheid South African context. Jonker uses his experiences as biblical scholar and former full-time minister of a congregation to shape his research, exploring questions from the pew such as: “Why does the church tell us now on account of the Bible that apartheid was a sin, when the church formerly—on account of the same Bible—justified the political system of apartheid theologically?” Passionate about both academic rigor and building bridges, Jonker helps bridge the gap between academic and lay interpretations of the Bible, grapples with the effects of sociopoliticial change on congregations, and offers hope for transformation through intercultural Bible study and research.

Louis C. Jonker is Professor of Old Testament at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. His primary research areas are intercultural Bible reading and biblical literature of the late Persian period, particularly the books of Chronicles. He served for ten years as an ordained minister of a Dutch Reformed congregation in Stellenbosch and was integrally involved in the first international project on intercultural Bible study.

© 2015. 313 pages. Paper. ISBN: 0-936273-82-8