Mennonite Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling

Published: November 17, 2021

Table of contents:

The Pastoral-Theological Nature of Pastoral Counseling (Daniel Schipani)

Anabaptism and Psychology (Alvin Dueck)

Counseling Connectedness and Community (David Augsburger)

Communal Pilgrimage (Lonnie Yoder)

Pastoral Counseling in a Congregational Setting (Nancy Kauffmann)

Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling in Mennonite Perspective (Marcus Smucker)

Pastoral Counseling as a Form of Pastoral Care (Marianne Mellinger)

Mutual Address and Accountability in Couples Therapy (Delores Friesen)

Pastoral Counseling in a Community Health Care Center (Daniel Schipani)

Glimpses of the Heart of Caring (Leah Dawn Bueckert)

Pastoral Care and Counseling … in Java (Mesach Krisetya)

Pastoral Care and Counseling … in the Netherlands (Lies Brussee-van der Zee)

Praise for Mennonite Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling

“This clear look at pastoral counseling from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective focuses on the congregation as the locus for pastoral counseling. The writers make a convincing case for pastoral counseling as a ministry of the church. Yet their examination of pastoral counseling in other settings and in various cultural contexts broadens the discussion of where and how pastoral counseling can be practiced.”

—Homer U. Ashby, Jr.

Daniel S. Schipani, ed. Text Reader 9
ISBN: 0-936273-39-9
Elkhart, IN:
Institute of Mennonite Studies
2007 • $18.00 • 258 pages